Spring Youth Camp: The Puppeteer’s Bag of Tricks!

$175 Financial assistance available


The Puppeteer's Bag of Tricks  

Monday - Wednesday, April 17 - 19, 9am-3pm  

8:30am drop off available!  

Ages 7 and up  

Join Justin Lander from Modern Times Theater and Vermont Vaudeville for an exciting three days of  the "Puppeteer's Bag of Tricks." This vacation camp will take campers on a journey of puppet show-making, storytelling, junk instruments, theater games, and puppet construction. Learn how to invent a puppet show to tell a story, then how to put together creative puppets to star in your show. Campers will also discover how to craft their own fun musical instruments with common household objects. Instructor: Justin Lander.      
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Summer Camps 2017


We have some amazing NEW Summer Camps this year, join us for an exciting summer of fun, creativity and discovery! Register today by clicking the green button above, or by calling 802-888-1261. * Financial assistance available

AGES 9 YRS AND UP / $275
JUNE 26-30, 9AM-3PM (early drop-off at 8:30AM available)

  Pump it up! Musician Dov Michael Schiller kicks off another summer of  River Arts’ Rock Camp with some exciting new twists. Come together as a band, learn a new instrument or perfect your skills, write music, create special effects and graphics, and totally rock out!  Final “gig” for family and fans on the last day of camp! No prior music experience necessary. Instructor: Dov Michael Schiller

AGES 7-12 YRS / $275
JUNE 26-30, 9AM-3PM (Meets back up for the Parade on Tuesday, July 4)
(early drop-off at 8:30AM available)

  Campers can animate their insect imagination to build their own giant bug out of papier-mache, paint, sticks, wire, cloth, and more. The sky’s the limit - invent your own 3D critter to march (or fly!) in the Morrisville 4th of July parade. Instructor: Bonnie Kolber

AGES 5-8 YRS / $175
JULY 5-7, 9AM-3PM (early drop-off at 8:30AM available)

  Children will use their creative energy to make unique instruments using household and recycled items, while writing songs influenced by music from around the world.  Campers will also tap into their artistic sides as they paint and draw to different genres of music throughout the week.  Exploring the use of bucket drums, stringed instruments, and other unusual sounds will inspire participants to move, create, and have fun during this action-packed musical adventure. Instructor: Lesley Grant

AGES 7-12 / $275
JULY 10-14, 9AM-3PM (early drop-off at 8:30AM available)

  This week, kids will learn the basics of improv, stand-up and sketch comedy. Everyone will be encouraged to think outside the box and utilize their creative imagination while we play games, perform skits, and tell jokes. The week will finish with an informal sharing for friends and family. Instructor: Judith Mathison

AGES 5-8 YRS / $275
JULY 10-14, 9AM-3PM (early drop-off at 8:30AM available)

  Campers will paint, draw, sculpt, weave and play with printmaking - using plants as their tools. Printmaking, mosaics and weaving will be part of the fun. Adventures in the great green outdoors will be a source of inspiration and for gathering materials. Get ready for some exciting projects in nature! Instructor: Bonnie Kolber

AGES 9 AND UP / $275
JULY 17-21, 9AM-3PM (early drop-off at 8:30AM available)

  Step right up and learn the techniques and secrets of cardboard construction in this one-of-a-kind carnival camp! Through a variety of skill building and open-ended activities, we will work together to create a Cardboard Carnival experience to remember. Every camper leaves with a PinBox 3000 to continue the creative cardboard fun at home! Instructor: Bonnie Kolber

AGES 5-8 YRS / $275
JULY 17-21, 9AM-3PM (early drop-off at 8:30AM available)

  Calling all fairies to come and join us for a week-long magical adventure! This camp is a beautiful, unique, and nourishing experience learning about and celebrating fairies. We will be building fairy houses, exploring the fairy forest, sharing special fairy secrets and stories, building forts in the woods, and working and playing together in the true, kind fairy way. This delightful experience will be cherished by fairy lovers for years to come. Instructor: Lesley Grant

AGES 9 YRS AND UP / $275
JULY 24-28, 9AM-3PM (early drop-off at 8:30AM available)   

   The Mural Project is back for another summer adventure in public art! Roll up your sleeves, grab your bucket of paint, join the team, and make paint come alive! We will work mostly outdoors on a group mural, and surprise our fans on where it might turn up this year. As always, the vision of the group takes us on an exciting, exploration of unknown territories. Wear your messiest paint clothes and come prepared to have fun! Instructor: Jess Graham

AGES 5-8 YRS / $275
JULY 24-28, 9AM-3PM (early drop-off at 8:30AM available)  

  Each day of this art-packed week will focus on a different region of the world.  We’ll explore Middle Eastern tile designs, South American weaving styles, African fabric patterns, Indian batik designs, and Native American pottery, then apply our new inspiration and ideas in sketching, painting, weaving, clay sculpting, and on a pottery wheel. Travel the world, through art! Instructor: Kate Crouse

AGES 5-8 YRS / $275
JULY 31 - AUGUST 4, 9AM-3PM (early drop-off at 8:30AM available)  

  Create works of art with natural materials - design with stones, leaves, and mud - Andy Goldsworthy-style in our outdoor adventures.  We’ll use photography to capture our beautiful, fleeting creations. The photographs will be brought back inside to rework into new art through paint and collage. Each child will use handmade journals to reflect on their adventures, sketch while out in the woods, and collect ideas for more artistic creations. Instructor: Kate Crouse

AUGUST 7-11, 9AM-3PM

  Calling all girls - find your inner rock diva, actor, and dance performer!  Each day, we’ll explore vocal training, monologues, acting, improvisational games, dance, and musical theatre. Use a microphone and get comfortable using equipment up on stage!  The week will culminate with a fun variety show for parents friends and family as audience members.  Find your inner voice and leave camp feeling more confident and empowered! Instructor: Lesley Grant

AGES 5-8 YRS / $275
AUGUST 7-11, 9AM-3PM

  Puppetry is exercise for your imagination! Join us for a week of creative building and performance activities. Kids will learn how to design, construct, and manipulate puppet characters, focusing on different styles of puppetry. Campers will work together to devise, rehearse, and present original performances. Along the way, kids will learn theater skills, finishing out the week with a fun show for parents. Instructor: Bonnie Kolber

AGES 7-14 YRS / $275
AUGUST 14-18, 9AM-3PM
Location:  Johnson Skatepark, Johnson

  It’s not a River Arts Summer without Sk8 the Arts!  We combine action with creativity in this uber-popular camp for skaters of all levels.  Join our experienced staff and friends for a week of skill-building, tricks, and creating rad street and skate art.  Design and paint your own skate decks, design t-shirts, and enjoy new features in the park. This camp has a big fan base - register early, and don’t miss out! Instructor(s): Kate Crouse, Bonnie Kolber

AGES 5-8 YRS / $275
AUGUST 14-18, 9AM-3PM (early drop-off at 8:30AM available)

  Allow your child to shine in this exciting camp filled with fun artistic games and action art with different themes each day.  It’s all about the journey in this camp, where your child will be encouraged to get messy, have fun, and create!  Instructor: Lesley Grant


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In-School Kinder Arts Program

The River Arts’ Kinder Arts Program offers an innovative exploratory arts program for children ages 3-5. Bringing creative experimentation to preschool classrooms in our community, the program features art making through mixed media, painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture photography and music.  The mission of the program is to build self-esteem and skills in young artists through the process of creativity. The program’s unique focus on experimentation gives young artists an opportunity to explore the materials and build on tactile experiences.

Children experience action painting, create artwork to the rhythm of music, build sculptures, create murals, and enjoy a variety of monthly art themes. Students get a first taste of art history as we study famous artists, and discover art from distant lands.  Weekly expression through sketchbook exercises/free-drawing, and group sharing builds social and emotional connections with our young students.

Instructor: Lesley Grant

Participating Schools:

Apple Tree Learning Centers, Stowe

Green Mountain Kids, Morrisville

Lamoille South Early Education, Morrisville

Puffer Child Care Center, Morrisville

Wee Explorers Preschool, Morrisville

To complete the Kinder Arts feedback form, click here.
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Music and Movement – Ages 0-6 yrs


Sing and swing to the beat of the music in this very special FREE drop-in program for infants to preschoolers ages 0-6!  Join us on select Tuesdays each month from 10:30-11:30am  for music, movement and FUN!  Children’s music educator and local musician, Lesley Grant, will play fun musical favorites and classics while participants dance, move, sing, explore instruments and learn basic musical elements such as rhythm and vocal dynamics.

Tuesday Dates:
  • January 24th
  • February 14th
  • March 21st
  • April 4th
  • April 25th
  • May 2nd
  • May 9th

Instructor: Lesley Grant

Music & Movement follows the local school district cancellation policies - if school is canceled, Music & Movement will also be canceled.

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BIG & Messy – ART Space!


Imagine the delight of your 2-5 year old as he/she walks into a room with canvas covered walls and tables of paint, rollers, brushes and spray bottles … or, on alternating weeks, spinning child size pottery wheels ready to shape and squash clay. Around the corner? Another space set with large and tiny architecture components to build and take down.

Our BIG & Messy ART Space is a facilitated space for parent-and-child creative exploration with a focus on process, rather than product. All art stations are open-ended, and child led. It’s always drop-in, no reservations required and FREE! You may join in anytime within the scheduled window, but please try to arrive at least a half-hour before the end time.

All materials, as well as smocks for kids and adults, are provided. Please remember to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty, painted, or wet. The best part?….We clean-up the mess!

Note for messy arts space: “NO SHOES in the studio PLEASE! This is to prevent our paint and clay from leaving the studio on the bottom of shoes.”

Art Facilitator: Makayla Jones

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The New Open Gym Playgroup – Cancelled Monday, March 27th!


Cancelled Monday, March 27th!   Open Gym is coming back to River Arts for winter 2017! River Arts is partnering with the Lamoille Family Center to bring Open Gym drop-in classes to the community. These new classes will combine our Open Gym concept with the Lamoille Family Center's Playgroups. Playgroups are a great way for children to have fun and meet new friends while you socialize and learn about resources that support the healthy development of your child and family. Playgroups are FREE and follow the public pre-school academic calendar, running through the end of May. All children are welcome to attend along with their parents, guardians or family, friend or neighbor caregivers. Come on out and play! Held in the Robert C. Folley Performance Hall on the second floor of the River Arts Center When: Mondays, from 9:30-11:00am *Classes follow the Lamoille South Supervisory Union schedule. Cancelled if there is a Morrisville School cancellation due to weather conditions.
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