West African Drumming with Chimie Bangoura

$60 for class; $20 for djembe rental


Join Chimie Bangoura of Guinea, West Africa to learn traditional rhythms and techniques of West Africa hand drumming (djembe). Chimie is a brilliant and energetic master drummer and studio musician from West Africa. He is originally from Matam, which is the epicenter of drum and dance in Conakry, Guinea. He studies djembe and doundoun with Tonton Soriba Sylla for eight years while directing and teaching drum classes for visiting European students. He moved to Vermont in 2007 and is eager to share his passion and talent.
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Organize Your Digital Images with Kent Shaw



As almost every photographer can attest, digital cameras make it easy to quickly amass thousands of photographs. This workshop will provide help in how to best organize them, how to find that one special image, and develop approaches that will help you keep your photo collection organized for many years to come.

The workshop will explore various approaches to organizing your photos and provide useful tips for importing them to your computer. We’ll also look at how to apply tags, labels, and keywords that can then be used later to sort, identify, and locate specific images.

Specific topics:

    • Developing an organization plan that works for you
    • Lightroom settings to preserve your organization plan
    • Using import presets to save time
    • Best practices for culling, applying keywords, picks, and ratings
    • How to find photos
    • Using Lightroom in a mobile environment

  Prerequisites: The workshop will use Adobe™ Lightroom. Photoshop will be used for a few examples, but is not needed for the workshop. Participants are welcome to bring laptops to work along with the class. Camera phone photographers using Lightroom will find this workshop useful as well.

Instructor Bio: Kent Shaw is both a photographer and a teacher. He began photography in 1980 and has been using digital cameras since 1998. His work has been exhibited at River Arts and the Helen Day Art Center and featured at several local restaurants and the Morrisville Post Office. He has taught middle and high school music, post high school technical courses, and worked for many years as an industrial trainer.

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iPhone Photography with Nan Carle Beauregard



Discover the strengths and limitations of iPhone photography in this interactive workshop. The iPhone camera is small, discrete, and allows the user to capture the moment without hesitation and share it in an instant. While iPhone photography is not the same as that of an SLR camera, it has its own special qualities that are limited only by imagination. All levels of skill and experience welcome.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • The basics of the native iPhone camera
  • Focus and exposure
  • Composition
  • Light and negative space
  • Shadows and reflections
  • Hints on landscape, portrait, macro and street photography
  • Easy editing apps for exploring your own style

Participants should bring their iPhone to each session.

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Photographing Architectural Spaces & Landscape Design: From Start to Finish with Susan Teare



Photographer Susan Teare shares tips on how to create successful photographs in a variety of light situations, highlighting her own experiences working as a residential, commercial and landscape design photographer. A study in indoor and outdoor living, Teare's work explores how we experience spaces, how we flow through them, thrive in them, feel connected to nature in them, and how we live and work together.

Making the right decisions when photographing spaces can make an image look inviting and natural, shifting the aesthetics of a room in subtle and dramatic ways. Teare will discuss and show the process of creating and editing several images, worked from start to finish. She will demonstrate her typical workflow, from shooting, styling, and lighting, to editing and post-processing. Teare will also present her experiences as a professional photographer, including the perspective of “a day in the life” and tips on business strategies. Participants are invited to share photographs they've taken for an informal critique at the end of the session.

Susan Teare's photography has been featured in Fine Homebuilding, Better Homes and Gardens, Design New England, Garden Design, USA Today (Salvage Secrets), HGTV Magazine, and New England Home. She is currently working on numerous books with Taunton Press and contributing weekly to Fine Homebuilding's blog, Through the Lens. For more about Susan's photography, visit her website at SusanTeare.com.

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Photograph by Susan Teare

Drop-in Quilting Studio

Donations welcome

The Drop-in Quilting Studio provides a space to work, share and learn from others. Bring your own tools, materials and equipment. Join us!

  • 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, 10am-12pm
  • Beginning November 2nd, 2016
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Open Studio Figure Drawing

$10/session; punchcards available - $90/10 classes (save $10)

The Open Studio for Figure Drawing meets every first and third Tuesday in the beautiful Robert C. Folley Performance Hall, located on the second floor of the River Arts Center. The group, which gathers from 3:00-5:30 p.m. invites and accommodates all levels of drawing/painting/sculpture backgrounds and expertise. The sessions feature a variety of approaches to working from the figure. The open studio is open to the public for a fee of $10 per session, and we encourage anyone interested in working from the figure to join us for a fun and creative evening. Weekly Schedule: Afternoons 3:00p.m.-5:30p.m.
    • 1st Tuesday: One long pose with an artistically clothed/costumed model
    • 3rd Tuesday:  Semi-traditional session of 10 one minute poses, 2 ten minute poses  followed by one long pose
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River Arts Photo Co-op

$5 Suggested donation

  The River Arts Photo Co-op provides photography enthusiasts with a way to gather, promote and share their experience and knowledge of photography in an atmosphere of camaraderie and fun.

No experience necessary – just a love of photography and a desire for discovery, building skills, and connecting with others with a similar passion!  Our goal is to promote the sharing of ideas, techniques and creativity through membership participation in workshops, competitions and monthly social gatherings.

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photo coop

Poetry Clinic

$5 Suggested donation

For those of you who use writing classes as a way to set aside special time for your writing practice: Here is an irresistible gift … a clinic to keep your pen and mind in motion. The first hour of the clinic will be devoted to generative poetry writing exercises; the second hour will be devoted to respectful critiques of work you bring to or make in class.   River Arts hosts workshops, readings, and clinics devoted to supporting the myriad voices living within the community and surrounding areas. Read on to see what’s been going on, about to happen, and join us!

  POETRY WALL - Samples of poetry from our Tuesday night Poetry "Clinic"!

Rebecca in 1809
Deep in her night, visions unfold
Picking up rough goat hair swept by a broom,
Catching whiffs of lye in the bucket,
She dances out the door, toe tips just grazing the deep powdery snow
Scent of crisp autumn leaves released from the folds of her dress as she
Whirls into the woodshed clearing.
Commanding the firewood to follow,
She fluently feeds the brilliant warmth of the hearth fire
Combing her baby’s hair while she is nursing close to the heat
Gradually unstuck from time, flooded by a cascade of descendant sensation
Who tastes the mid-winter soup on a carved maple wood spoon?
Who hears the musket fire just outside the open window?
Who’s hand on the doorknob with a brisk winter air blast on the face?
Who is quieted with awe inspired by reflections of Milky Way Stars in a washbowl positioned just so?
Who’s knife in her hand as she rides along the currents of moist air above the Winooski River?
Peter Clark – 19-Jan-2016
  River Arts Review: Voices from Northern Vermont Volume 2 – Our second collection of poetry – take a look, or purchase  online! River Arts Review: Voices from Northern Vermont – Our first collection of poetry – take a look, or purchase  online!
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poetry clinic